James Tennant hiking Volcān San PedroStart the new year on the right foot and give yourself the gift of one week soaking up the beautiful surroundings of the famed Osa Peninsula in Costa Rice.

Upon Arrival

As the group convenes, you’ll be greeted by James and the Blue Osa crew. Once we’re all settled, we’ll get the pleasure of meeting one another over delectable local cuisine and whatever you’re looking for to wet your whistle…perhaps something celebratory to ring in the new year with.

Day 1-2

The first two days will emphasize settling into the space fully with body, heart, and mind. We’ll focus on breathing practices and poses that will help us feel more centered, present, and connected to the space around us. You’ll experience subtle practices that elicit feeling whole and prepared for the deeper work throughout the week. There will also be an opportunity to explore the mangroves on a group kayaking tour. We’ll find ourselves enveloped by 80-foot mangrove trees that are host to an amazing array of bio-diversity.

Day 3-5

The following days will encourage cleansing, clarifying, and opening ourselves up to the potential that lies within. Practices will involve stoking the fire within to assist in clearing the pathways for prana (life force) to move freely. Wednesday, choose to explore the Mayan culture and the roots of cacao agriculture on a nearby orchard. Learn the various types of cocoa as well as how they prepare and process it to make the deliciousness we’ll end up sampling. Adventure will be on the agenda for Thursday as we catch a boat to our next destination where we’ll find ourselves 100 feet up gliding through the plush Costa Rican canopy.

Day 6-7

Toward the end of the week we’ll bring more focus to stabilizing and building prana. The practices, both physical and subtle, will encourage a sense of stability, restfulness and completion. We’ll share in an intimate closing ceremony Friday evening.


Osa Pensinsula, Costa RicaThere are many reasons that people decide to commit to a yoga retreat. Whether your motivation is to gain insight into personal endeavors, to carve out some time for self-healing, or just to get away and enjoy, this retreat will offer you the space and time to do it. All planned excursions are optional based on your motivation to do so. There will be several payment options to reflect this.

Throughout the week you will receive a light breakfast, brunch, and dinner along with a mid-day snack. We will be hosted by the most attentive accommodating staff. You will have the opportunity to participate in daily yoga practices and join in on several well-thought-out excursions, designed to make you fall in love with the Osa Peninsula and the culture that breathes there.

My objective for participants is to enhance their heart-desired experience while being at Blue Osa.





Price per person
Single Double/Triple
No excursions $1,980.00 $1,385.00
Package #1 Kayak Exploration $2,055.00 $1,460.00
Package #2 Supreme Zipline $2,140.00 $1,545.00
Package #3 Chocolate Tour $2,050.00 $1,455.00
Package #4 Kayak + Zipline $2,215.00 $1,620.00
Package #5 Kayak + Chocolate $2,125.00 $1,530.00
Package #6 Chocolate + Zipline $2,210.00 $1,615.00
Package #7 All Excursions $2,285.00 $1,690.00


Descriptions of Excursions:


The real essence of enjoying an adrenaline-packed vacation in Costa Rica lies in participating in activities that come under various avatars of zipline and canopy tours. This is among the most thrilling activities and at the same time the safest. Glide through the canopy 30 meters up in the air at eye-level with 90% of the forest wildlife. Enjoy the thrill of the ride. Low impact and easy to control your speed. A little dizzying being up so high. Let the magical opulence of the Costa Rican rain forests seep into your consciousness while you travel from one zip-line to another.

Mangrove Kayak

Kayak through the shade of enchanting 80-foot mangrove trees and see a mind-boggling array of bio-diversity. A vital part of the ecosystem, it is a home for all types of animals and insects. You will be able to see rainforest wildlife such as monkeys, Jesus Christ lizards and so much more. On your way back, enjoy one of the nicest swimming beaches on the Osa Peninsula. The trip takes 3-4 hours and dry bags are supplied for your cameras. The paddling is fairly easy and relaxing because your guide will take you up river with the tide and then turn around to paddle back down with the tide.

Chocolate Tour

This Costa Rica eco-tour will take you back to the roots of cacao agriculture during the Mayan times and help teach you about how chocolate is produced. First enjoy the cacao orchards, learning about the various kinds of cacao and how it fits into the natural food cycle. Follow that by sampling the cacao fruit, remembering that chocolate comes from the plant’s seeds. Next follow the preparation process, including fermentation, drying, roasting, and finally the making of raw chocolate. Last but not least, enjoy the result: delicious chocolate fondue, served with fresh, local fruit and banana bread, all organic and homemade. Leaning never tasted so good!

Questions, comments, concerns?

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