At Tejas Yoga we value yoga as a living tradition: a dynamic, flexible practice grounded in the ancient teachings and suited to contemporary conditions and concerns. We believe that there is an ideal yoga practice for every body and every intention, and we aspire to help everyone who walks in our doors in finding an effective path to health, inspiration, and fulfillment. Here are some key components of the philosophy that forms the core of our work.

  • The Essence of Yoga
  • There are many schools, methods, and philosophies within yoga. We value them all and recognize that an intrinsically individual discipline requires a great variety of techniques to satisfy the great variety of individuals. At Tejas Yoga we do not teach one particular style of practice. Instead, we strive to share the essence of yoga: the skillful combination of physical movement, conscious breathing, visualization, and concentration with the intention of bringing practitioners closer to authentic knowledge of themselves and connection to spirit. All of our teachers are individuals and we embrace their varying lineages and perspectives. Our united approach comes from our similarly embracing the varying perspectives of our students and providing space within each class for individual authorship.

  • Everyday Transformation
  • Transformation does not take place in one dramatic surge. Lasting change comes to us through an accumulation of small but important choices we make everyday. A commitment to self-development and self-observation creates a heightened sense of awareness. Shifting our consciousness via the practices of yoga gives us new life, bringing freshness and clarity to our perspective. We begin to address patterns that no longer serve our highest potential and go on to refine our habits, both physical and mental, bringing us into alignment with the intentions and goals we set for ourselves.

  • Practical Knowledge
  • To reap the full benefits of the practices we learn in class or a workshop, we must seize the opportunities that present themselves to us off the yoga mat. It is the application of practical knowledge that gives us the insight to make better choices. Our classes, workshops, and trainings involve lessons in ayurveda (an ancient East Indian science and medicine), tantra (a philosophy based in experiential wisdom) and hatha yoga (a system and philosophy that offers many practical tools to improve one’s overall health). While there is a vast range of esoteric and mystical teachings within these disciplines, we believe that the yoga we find practical, pragmatic, and inextricably linked with our actual lives and current condition is the yoga we should seek to understand.

  • Inclusivity
  • Yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, or perceived capabilities. We dedicate ourselves to offering a wide range of classes and workshops to suit every individual. From led meditation classes, which involve listening to verbal instruction, to our vigorous classes that challenge the practitioner with demanding postures and sequences, we strive to create space for everyone to find their path.

    As soon as we opened our doors, we found immense diversity in the group of individuals connecting and congregating. People from all walks of life, backgrounds, countries, and personalities began to find a home here. We’re in love with the community that continues to flourish and find what they’re looking for here at Tejas Yoga.

  • Humor & Lightheartedness
  • Anyone seriously committed to their spiritual path benefits from a sense of humor. Laughter and contentment contribute to our health mentally, emotionally, and physically. Our approach to yoga is a healthy combination of dedication, discipline, compassion, and self-acceptance. Critical, judgmental thinking and self-doubt impede our spiritual growth. It benefits us greatly when we can move through this life with a sense of wonder, light-heartedness and an established sense of self, finding humor along the way.

  • Authenticity
  • We seek to embody the authentic teachings of yoga, and we strive to bring an authentic understanding of ourselves to this pursuit. “Authentic yoga” does not mean doing all the same things that the ancient yogis did; authentic practice is not mimicry. We strive to understand and embody the roots of the ancient teachings and harness them to our 21st century lives so that it is our connection to and relationship with yoga that is authentic.

  • Living in the World
  • In the tantric tradition we are looking to find liberation in this world, not from this world. At Tejas we firmly believe your practice should benefit every aspect of life, especially once you leave the studio. An intelligent and consistent yoga practice should help you embrace the world more intimately. Our teachers modify their classes according to the time of year, time of day, and whatever nature gives us that day to help the students find balance. The main intention is for everyone to leave feeling calm but alert and more able to adapt to the hectic pace of city living.

  • Demystification
  • While we are big fans of philosophy and the ancient texts, we also realize what we find can be very esoteric and mystical, making it difficult to understand and apply this knowledge in modern times. These scriptures were written at a different age and for a different culture. Much of what we find is metaphor and not to be taken literally. At Tejas we only teach what we fully understand and have embodied through years of practice (and studying with our teachers), making much of the esoteric teachings more palatable for the modern-day, urban yogi.