Demystifying the Subtle Body

Practice and Perspective

with Jim Bennitt and James Tennant

January 22-26, 2018 | 10am–11:30am & 1:30pm–5:30pm

The physical body, our tangible and visible form, is supported by an energetic framework known as the subtle body. The subtle body consists of intangibles that cannot be seen yet can be harnessed and transformed through a variety of yogic practices.

This 5-day module will investigate the different components of the subtle body by taking an experiential approach through the practice of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation, and visualization.

The module has 30 continuing education credits (CEC) assigned to it. These CEC may be applied to a 300-hour or 500-hour accreditation through Tejas Yoga.

Please note: For this module there is a 12-person maximum and 5-person minimum. You must register one week prior to the start of the program or have a deposit down of $100 to reserve your space.

If the course is canceled due to low attendance, you will be notified 7 days prior to the start date and will receive a full refund.

Technique Training/Practice: 7.5 hours

Morning practice will emphasize:

  • A specific physical practice to balance/charge each major chakra (energy point)
  • Pranayama to affect the vayus (forces of movement in the body)
  • Advanced work with bandhas, mudras, and meditation
  • Meditation and visualization techniques

Theory/Philosophy: 7.5 hours

Topics will include:

  • Overview of chakra and nadi system
  • Koshas
  • The Tanmantras
  • Discussion of the interconnectedness of chakras, vayus, and koshas
  • Marmani (acupressure points)
  • Granthis (energetic knots)
  • The relationship of the three great gunas, Ojas, Tejas, Prana, and the five elements and doshas

Methodology/Practicum: 15 hours

Afternoon session will include:

  • Viparita Karani
  • Learn to condition the body and mind through practical exercises
  • Applying awareness of koshas to the practice of yoga nidra (yogic sleep)
  • Exploring the vayus practically
  • Unwinding the granthis
  • Tibetan Color Purification

Additional Hours will include:

  • Discussion/Q&A
  • Assignments
  • Reading

Suggested Reading:

  • Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith
  • Yoga for Transformation by Gary Kraftsow
  • Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley


$500 early bird (paid in full 30 days before start date)

$600 if paid within 30 days of start date

A $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space. Call 312-386-9642 or register online.



Demystifying the Subtle Body led by James Tennant and Jim Bennitt was an incredible and literally mind-blowing workshop. Time spent during the morning and afternoon was a perfect balance of relevant and intelligently designed asana, pranayama, and theory that left me well primed for the deep, powerful meditations sessions that usually capped off class. I took this workshop during a tough time in my life after I had recently been laid off from my job and was amazed that during such a tumultuous period I was also able to enter some of the most peaceful and deep meditative states I have ever experienced. There was also a strong sense of community among fellow students and Jim and James that was fostered throughout the workshop, attributable to both the type of students attracted to this kind of workshop and the 15-student cap which ensures a small group. I usually ate lunch somewhere nearby with other students or Jim and James offering great opportunities to bond with other students and talk about theory and yoga outside of the class setting. I strongly recommend this workshop for any serious yogi who is looking to deepen their understanding of the subtle body and have incredible experiences.
— Josh N.

Demystifying the Subtle body was one of the best teacher training workshops I’ve taken. I haven’t laughed as much as I did during that week, James Tenant has a wonderful witty humor that keeps the class light as well as full of practical exercises to take home and work on after the workshop is over.  Both Jim and James deliver a workshop packed with practical knowledge and it is obvious they practice their teachings.  I would happily take it again.
— Carmen M.

This unique offering really let me sink my teeth into understanding the subtle body and further working with it in my practice.  The module intricately combined complex theory with energetic experience. Sometimes subtle body presentations present an intellectually-oriented view as opposed to a more physical reality, but not this one. Jim and James had us really digging in to explore the area where theory converged with experiential.
— Carol