Kriya, Pranayama, Bandha

Awakening Body, Mind, and Spirit

with Jim Bennitt and James Tennant

June 11–15, 2018 | 10am–11:30am & 1:30pm–5:30pm

This training illuminates subtle and advanced practices through pragmatic study and direct experience. Through kriyas, we develop the ability to cleanse not only the body but harness the power of the mind. We will follow a pranayama practice daily which will allow the stabilization and cultivation of our own individual prana. Through theory and practice, we will become more attuned to the effects of using bandhas.

The module has 30 continuing education credits (CEC). These CEC may be applied to a 300-hour or 500-hour accreditation through Tejas Yoga.

Prerequisite: Must have 200-hour accreditation through an established yoga studio.

Please note: For this module there is a 12-person maximum and 5-person minimum. You must register one week prior to the start of the program or have a deposit down of $100 to reserve your space.

If the course is canceled due to low attendance, you will be notified 7 days prior to the start date and will receive a full refund.

We will meet from 10:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. daily from June 8-12, 2015, with a 2-hour break for lunch, relaxation, and any work that may be assigned outside the classroom. Training will include a 1.5 hour daily practice.

Technique Training/Practice: 7.5 hours

Morning practice will emphasize:

  • Practice of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, meditation, visualization
  • Strategic ways of using bandhas to elicit specific results
  • Cultivate deeper awareness of the subtle body through pranayama
  • Experience a short but effective intestinal cleanse
  • Observe the effects of bhramana and langhana
  • Cleansing techniques such as agni sara and nauli

Theory/Philosophy: 7.5 hours

Topics will include:

  • Defining kriya
  • Bandhas
  • Season and dosha-appropriate techniques/practices
  • Bhramana and langhana
  • Shatkarmas

Methodology/Practicum: 15 hours

Afternoon session will include:

  • Asana, bandha, mudra
  • Shankaprakshalana practice
  • Resetting agni
  • Kriya practices focusing on clearing nadis
  • Daily pranayama routine
  • Maha mudra variations

Additional Hours will include:

  • Discussion/Q&A
  • At-home cleansing practice
  • Reading
  • In-class instructional assignment

Please note: The practices emphasized in this training have the following contraindications: high blood pressure, recent abdominal surgery, hernia, ulcer, digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease and diverticulitis, prolapsed colon or uterus, and pregnancy. If you have any of these conditions or others that you feel may be contraindicated, please inform Jim or James before registering for this module.

$500 early bird (30 days before start date)
$600 within 30 days of start date

A $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space. Call 312-386-9642 or register online by clicking the button below.