Prenatal Yoga

Yoga for the Prenatal Body, Mind, and Heart

with Katie Rowe Mitchell

TBA Fall/Winter 2018 | 1:30pm–5:30pm

Pregnancy is a physical, emotional, and often spiritual journey. Learn to support and serve expectant mothers during this transformative and deeply personal experience.

This course is designed to give yoga teachers the knowledge and confidence to safely instruct prenatal students. Learn the appropriate techniques for asana, pranayama, and meditation, and how to modify the practice to support anatomical and physiological shifts of each trimester. You will learn how to address contraindicated poses, common discomforts, and psychological considerations of pregnancy.

This 5-day module has 25 continuing education credits (CEC). These CECs may be applied to a 300-hour or 500-hour accreditation through Tejas Yoga.

Please note: For this module there is a 12-person maximum and 5-person minimum. You must register one week prior to the start of the program or have a deposit down of $100 to reserve your space.

If the course is canceled due to low attendance, you will be notified 7 days prior to the start date and will receive a full refund.

Technique Training/Practice: 7 hours

Practice will include:

  • Appropriate asana for each trimester
  • Sun salutation variations
  • How to effectively use props to accommodate baby and support mom
  • Inverting and balancing during pregnancy
  • Pranayama and meditation during pregnancy
  • Savasana during pregnancy
  • Therapeutic and restorative postures during pregnancy

Theory/Philosophy: 7 hours

Topics will include:

  • Benefits, risks, and contraindications of prenatal yoga
  • How yoga can help with feelings of fear and anxiety about labor and delivery
  • Value of creating community and support for moms
  • The yoga teacher’s role in relation to healthcare providers, birth plans, doulas, and midwives
  • Common psychological considerations, such as body image, cultural pressures, or new identity as a mother
  • Basic yoga philosophy through the lens of a pregnant mother and a growing baby

Methodology/Practicum: 7 hours

Topics will include:

  • Sequencing considerations
  • Verbal cues, language sensitivities, and use of touch
  • Modifications for contraindicated poses
  • Pelvic Floor 101 and basic prenatal anatomy
  • How to ease common physical discomforts and symptoms
  • Become familiar with common conditions and complications
  • How to accommodate a prenatal student in a non-prenatal yoga class
  • Discussion of the ethical issues that arise in prenatal yoga

Additional 4 hours will include:

  • Reading assignments and discussion
  • Sequencing homework
  • Brief teaching practicum

Note: Handouts will be provided.


$425 early bird (paid in full 30 days before start date)
$500 if paid within 30 days of start date

A $100 non-refundable deposit will reserve your space. Call 312-386-9642 or register online by clicking Sign Up Now!