Human beings extending a helping hand to fellow human beings.

In our commitment to creating a diverse community at Tejas Yoga we are thrilled to offer a program which allows everyone, regardless of financial means, to practice yoga.

The program’s mission statement is simple: Through various contributions of the yoga community, we offer general yoga classes to all those who wish to pursue the path of yoga regardless of financial means. We encourage everyone to spread the word about this program. Especially those who work with under-served communities and/or know of anyone who would benefit from yoga, but do not have the financial means.

How it works:

Members of the Tejas community offer to purchase a single drop-in class at the rate of $7 with the intention of offering the class to someone who would like to take yoga classes but feels they are not able to afford them. $5 will go to pay the teacher and $2 will be reserved for administrative costs and to continue bolstering the program.

These classes accumulate in a separate account. The class will be immediatly available for those who utilize the program.

A student who wishes to make use of a class can do so via preregistration of walk-in.


Call the studio and request the use of a a pay it forward class by telling the front desk
attendant your full name and the class you’d like to attend.

Walk-in (please arrive 10-15 minutes before class)

1. Sign in to the desired class at the front desk
2. Mark the “other box” on the sheet referencing payment type
3. Request the use of a Pay It Forward class

Please be aware, if you are new to Tejas, you will need to fill out a new student form
prior to class.

A student is allotted 4 pay it forward classes per month.

A student who has or is using a pay it forward class may donate any funds they wish for the class they are attending at any time. 100% of donated funds will go directly to supporting the pay it forward program. This is neither necessary nor suggested, but simply an option if one has the means and feels they would like to contribute.

Whether you are helping fund the program or utilizing it, know that either way you’re
contributing to the community.