Open, Vigorous, Gentle, what? If you’re new to our studio, the class choices may seem confusing. Luckily, there is a method to our madness:

“I have no idea what I’m getting into.”

No worries. Our introduction to yoga course will give you what you need to set you up for success. You’ll be doing Eka Pada Rajakapatasana with ease in no time…you may not be able to say it, but you’ll be able to do it.

“I think I’m starting to get it!”

Still feel you need in depth instruction but ready for more? Come check out our Foundation classes: Sundays at 12pm, Tuesdays at 12pm, and Wednesdays at 6pm. Experienced beginners are also welcome in the Open classes.

“I need to relax and de-stress.”

Whether you’re an experienced beginner or seasoned practitioner, one of our Gentle or Restorative classes is just what the (homeopathic) doctor ordered. Look over our schedule and find the time to decompress.

“I want to move my practice to the next level.”

If you’re an experienced practicioner, but new to Tejas Yoga, please feel free to take any of our classes. Go to class descriptions and schedule to see which class is going to offer you what you’re looking for. Our vigorous classes are a unique combination of advanced asana and pranayama practices.