Our program is more than just “a teacher training”.

Yoga is a vast subject and whether you’re training to become a teacher, studying to refine your teaching skills or participating to deepen your existing practice, time and guidance are invaluable. We also realize that going through any intensive study often brings about transformation on many levels. Our program is designed to support you as you absorb, digest and apply the lessons.

By limiting the number of students and lengthening the program to a full year, we are better prepared to give each individual the time and attention he or she requires. We’ve created a program that gives you the time and space to receive the information, ask questions, discuss, apply and experience the material being taught under the guidance of highly trained and seasoned teachers.

We are interested in your goals and vision. We believe this program will challenge you, inspire you and give you helpful tools for your daily life. But, most importantly, our desire is to assist you in unveiling a deeper knowledge of self.