sram-yoga-03We provide a turn-key solution for bringing yoga and/or meditation to your workplace.

  • All instructors are experienced, certified, and insured
  • Tejas Workplace Yoga can be adapted for any group, large or small
  • Marketing flyers and email reminder templates provided
  • Yoga props, including mats, blocks, and straps can be provided for an additional fee and is optional

Classes are offered in eight or ten-week series and can be taught as 30, 45 or 60-minute classes. Private sessions and workshops can also be designed for offsite meetings or as a team-building activity. Classes, private sessions and workshops are available before, during and after work.

The Tejas Workplace Yoga Program offers three styles of yoga classes: Gentle, Meditation and Breathwork, and Open/Multi-level:

  • Gentle yoga class offers basic postures and simple movements to help the body and mind to unwind
  • Meditation and Breathwork offers techniques to increase concentration, focus, and calming of the mind
  • Multi-level yoga classes more closely resemble traditional yoga, and therefore tend to be more physically active

Gentle Yoga

For everyone (especially beginners) – regardless of age, physical ability, or health condition. This class is appropriate for those who seek a restorative class, need to unwind, or are in physical rehabilitation.

  • Suitable for everyone
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat
  • Class can be done with a chair, mat, and standing
  • Basic postures, simple movement, and conscious relaxation are elements of this class
  • Emphasis is placed on de-stressing the body and mind

Meditation and Breathwork

For everyone. A class that includes minimal gentle physical practice, guided meditation, systematic relaxation, and visualization techniques. There will be some simple stretches presented that can be done at a desk.

  • Suitable for everyone
  • No change of clothing needed
  • Class can be done with a chair or mat


For practitioners with basic yoga experience (approximately 6 months or more). A class that provides a traditional yoga experience, which includes breathwork, traditional yoga postures, and relaxation.

  • Suitable for those who have some yoga experience or are involved in a regular physical fitness program
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat
  • This class offers options for the experienced beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner
  • During the physical practice, several variations or options are presented to allow each student to feel challenged, physically and mentally
  • Includes traditional yoga postures that require a moderate level of strength, flexibility, and balance