Transition into Spring with a gentle, effective program promoting self-observation, detoxifying the physical body, and balancing of the mind. Become more aware of your eating and lifestyle behavior, giving your body an opportunity to release toxins, rejuvenate the organs, and optimize your health.

This program allows the participant to experience a thorough week of detoxifying the body while going about their daily lives of work and responsibilities. Consideration for more rest and limited engagement will be required for a few days out of the program.

Specific practices you will learn and apply include:

  • Deep self-observation
  • Guidance in how to eradicate unwanted substances from your diet
  • Internal oleation
  • Abhyanga (self-oil massage)
  • Mono-diet (3 or 5 days)

Amenities available to you will include:

  • 21 days of unlimited yoga classes (current membership/series will be placed on hold during the program)
  • Access to the studio for “open self-practice” (at designated times)
  • Supplies you will need for a successful program
  • 3 Saturday workshops: Orientation, Ayurvedic Nutrition, and Self-Practice

21 Days of Wellness Program

During our Orientation on March 25th we will discuss, in detail, the components of the program that includes:

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition with Zach Zube on 4/1
    We will cover basic theory of ayurvedic nutrition and how to apply it in our daily lives. If you are new to ayurveda or your knowledge of it is rusty, please attend James Tennant’s Ayurveda 101 on Saturday, 3/11. A discounted rate will be applied if you are participating in the program.
  • Cultivating a Self-Practice with Jim Bennitt on 4/8
    You will gain the tools you need to create a safe, effective yoga practice for use at home or during open sessions at the studio.
  • Supplies you will need for the program: 5 packages of ready-made kichadi (lentil soup), oil for self-massage, triphala (a mild herb to assist in detoxification and digestion), and a thermos to take your kichadi to work with you.

Week One: Observe, Assess, and Edit. We start off by examining patterns of our own behavior in terms of diet and lifestyle. You will be encouraged to practice yoga 5-7 times this week, whether in a group class or as self-practice. You will also be asked to curb any recreational drug usage, smoking, drinking of alcohol and/or any other habits you feel you would like to change. This may range from consuming fast or processed foods to monitoring self-criticism.

Week Two: Anoint, Repair, and Detoxify. We begin the second week by anointing the body with oil, from the inside and out. By practicing abhyanga (a daily oil massage you do yourself) you will loosen up deep-rooted toxins within the tissues of the body and move them to the GI tract for evacuation. For 3 to 5 days this week, you will eat a mono-diet consisting of kichadi, an easy-to-make lentil and vegetable soup.

Week Three: Cleanse, Restructure, and Rejuvenate. As we continue to cleanse, we use the knowledge gained from the previous workshops and prior two weeks. We begin to reintroduce everyday foods that are healthy for our constitutions and seasonally appropriate. You will continue your self-practice and/or take group classes as often as you can. You will feel a sense of renewal as you take the final steps toward restructuring parts of your life that are becoming more balanced.

** Due to the materials needed for the program, please register as soon as possible.

$250 if paid by March 10 (early bird)
$295 if paid after March 10

Call 312-386-9642 or register online by clicking the Register button.

For Alumni (Past Participants) Only, discounted rates apply. Sorry, No Exceptions

Orientation and Supplies: $125
Includes: Orientation workshop, all supplies needed for cleanse, hand-out bundle for tracking/journaling, participation in Facebook support page

Orientation Only: $50
Includes: Orientation workshop, hand-out bundle for tracking/journaling, participation in Facebook support page

No online sales for discounted rates.