The coming seasonal shift in our landscape offers a reminder that our own internal landscape is changing as well. Preparing the body and mind for fall and winter requires a different approach than preparing for spring and summer. Instead of deep cleansing, we take on practices of deep nourishment or building ojas.

Ojas is our source of vitality, immunity, and endurance, and connects us to a sense of love and stability. It is the antidote to stress, depletion, and exhaustion. With this program, you will take on specific daily practices that will support the cultivation of ojas in your daily life. By the end of 40 days, you will feel rejuvenated, nourished, and ready to take on winter.

In many spiritual traditions, 40 days is an auspicious number for transformation of self. In yoga, 40 days of consistent meditation practice allows the subtle aspect of meditation to take root, establishing steadiness and deeper relationship to self. In ayurvedic medicine, we understand it takes 40 days for food eaten today to nourish all the tissues and cells in the body. This 40-day program sees you through such transformation of both body and mind.

This program will:

  • Gently cleanse impurities from the body
  • Nourish the tissues to superior health
  • Balance your internal digestive fire
  • Counter the negative effects of stress and the seasonal change
  • Rejuvenate your sense of vitality, immunity, and steadiness
  • Weave basic principles of ayurveda into your daily life

Program Format:

Meet once in-person for orientation. Then, complete your daily practices at home over the next 40 days. You will have access to remote group support via scheduled group phone calls, a private Facebook group, and one private email exchange with Zach.

In addition to the daily practices, the first week of the program includes protocol for a mini-cleanse (two days of kitchari) to reset the digestive system and prepare the body for nourishment. As well, you will set aside one day per week for more in-depth and time-consuming practices like self oil massage and yoga nidra.

By participating, you are invited to attend (at no extra charge) Second Nature: Attuning to Rhythm and Self workshop on Saturday, October 28, consisting of an ayurvedic lifestyle workshop (Autumn Living) and an extended practice of gentle yoga and yoga nidra (Softening to Self: Yoga for Deep Nourishment). You are also invited to gather once more privately just before the end of the program (October 29) to share your experiences.

Your registration includes:

  • An orientation workshop
  • Two additional in-person workshops (Autumn Living and Softening to Self: Yoga for Deep Nourishment)
  • A closing workshop on Sunday, October 29
  • Access to an online group forum and a private email exchange with Zach
  • A comprehensive guidebook and journal for your 40-day journey
  • A supply kit including triphala, body oil, tongue scraper, spices, and kitchari supplies
  • A download of a specially designed yoga nidra practice for this program

Important Dates:

Orientation Workshop: Sunday, September 24, 2pm-5pm

Scheduled Group Phone Calls: Thursday, October 5 and Thursday, October 19, times TBD

Closing Workshop: Sunday, October 29, 10:00-11:30am

40 Day Span: Monday, September 25 through Friday, November 3

Registration Deadline is Wednesday, September 20.

175.00 if paid by August 30 (early bird)
200.00 if paid after August 30
100.00 past participants’ alumni rate by September 20, Orientation and Closing Only (not available online)

Limited to 20 participants.