Agni can be translated literally as the word “fire” but, as we study our existence through the lens of ayurveda (the ancient Indian “science of life”), we come to realize that it represents far more. We begin to discover the subtle aspects of the fire element and the important role it plays in metabolism, transformation, and the health of our bodies and minds.

In this workshop we will discuss the concept of agni, its 40 subtypes, and the four classifications of agni. You will learn the functions of each subtype and become familiar with the qualities of both healthy agni and impaired agni. You will come to understand how agni relates to the physical body as well as mental and emotional well-being.

James will explain some of the causes of imbalanced agni and teach you how to “reset” your digestive fire. He will also guide you through a short physical practice that will help you maintain strong, balanced, and healthy agni.

Please refrain from eating 3-4 hours prior to this workshop.