Nourish yourself with the healing practices of ayurveda. Let Caroline and Zach lead you through a balancing facial care routine and bedtime preparation ritual. Using handcrafted oils specially blended with botanicals and essential oils, you will learn how to anoint specific points (marma) on the face and feet. We will also share our favorite nighttime tea to slow the mind, calm the nerves, and restore the body.

The weaving in of simple yogic techniques like chanting, breathwork, and yoga nidra will round out the experience of the evening. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, nourished, and prepared for a sound night of sleep.

In this self-care workshop, you will:

  • Receive the benefit of slowing down to provide care to your body and mind from an ayurvedic approach
  • Target specific marma points on the face and feet to stimulate healing and vitality
  • Enjoy locally handcrafted oils, mists, and tea by Zach and Caroline

How to Prepare: Please bring a pair of socks to cover your freshly oiled feet. It is recommended to remove any makeup before the event. You might also enjoy the 6:00pm gentle yoga class with Zach before the workshop.

All supplies will be provided and available for purchase to take home.