Looking for relief from the obstacles of life? Try a gong bath.

A gong bath is a meditative experience where Benjamin Savage uses musical instruments such as a gong and singing bowls to remove blockages, attune your cells, and bring harmony to your body and mind. Vibrations from these remarkable instruments wash over the participants, removing unwanted suffering, hence the term “gong bath.”

Gong baths are a powerful way to bring your body and mind into balance. They also combat physical pain, low energy, and depression. A gong bath can shift your being from a state of suffering into a state of healing and clarity. If you are healthy and feeling fine, a gong bath or sound healing can give you a super-charged sense of well-being.

Sound vibrations are able to draw us into a deep meditative state that allows for a wide variety of personal and beneficial experiences to occur. If you have tried meditation and were not satisfied with the results, this may be a way to induce deep meditation.

Each person’s experience will be unique as the vibrations address each individual’s particular issues and state of being. Each gong bath session will yield differing results as well so it is suggested to attend more than one.

What to expect: During a gong bath, you will lie down, relax your muscles, close your eyes, and attentively listen to the sounds. Wear comfortable clothing, bring your yoga mat, and an eye pillow/mask (if you have one). It is not advisable to eat immediately before this experience.