The Living in Harmony with Nature workshops draw on the ancient tradition of ayurveda (aa-yur-ved-a) to provide insights into each of the four seasons. This is a four-part series focusing on the seasons. In this segment of the series we will be discussing Winter and the principles associated with this season according to the ancient art of ayurveda. Ayurveda is a holistic science and medicine that has its roots in India and the Himalayas.

We will experience a physical practice that will help us regain and/or maintain balance physically, mentally, and emotionally during this time of year. The asana practice (physical poses) will consist of breath enhanced movement, shoulder openers, moderate to full backbends, and deep twists. More subtle practices such as pranayama (breathing techniques), visualization, and meditation will also be presented.

We will learn what signs/symptoms give us an indication of imbalance in the body as well as the main sites within the body that have the most potential for being affected. In addition, there will be some general information on diet and lifestyle choices to suit the season.

Some prior knowledge of ayurveda will be helpful, but not necessary. Beginner to intermediate students are welcome.