Stick figures are incredibly useful for thinking through class sequences and for communicating the intricacy of vinyasa yoga to students and others. Unfortunately, not all of us went to art school, and the ability to conceptualize and draw these nuanced stick yogis does not come easily.

This workshop is a celebration of the stick figure in all its unassuming glory. Armed with sketch pads, pencils, and a suspension of our inner art critic, we will dive into the nitty gritty details of Stick-Land through a little bit of theory and a whole lot of practice.

  • embody the principle of “notation, not realism” and relieve yourself from the pressure of “good drawing”
  • translate your verbal cues into drawing tips to help create stick figures with purpose
  • learn about basic body proportions and when you need to use them
  • explore the stick-figuring of difficult positions: how does a stick twist?
  • see what happens at the intersection of two mantras: Keep It Simple and Make It Clear

Bring a sketch pad, a mechanical pencil, an eraser, a ruler, and a pen (or two). This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn to communicate the forms of yoga efficiently and have fun while doing it.

Photograph by Adam Grossi.