Yoga nidra means deep relaxation with an inner state of awareness, a form of guided meditation, conscious relaxation. Yoga, in the sense of being unified on every level of one’s being, is combined with nidra, Sanskrit for sleep. It’s suitable for everyone and can be adapted to many settings and audiences.

If you’re a yoga teacher (or have completed a yoga-teacher training program) and want to delve into the history of yoga nidra, why it works, and self practices you can use to start developing skills necessary to lead effective yoga nidra sessions, please consider taking this workshop.

Karen will draw on her own personal experiences both as a student learning the art of yoga nidra practice and as a professional who has been leading yoga nidra sessions since 2008 in yoga studios, educational institutions, hospitals, and private one-on-one settings.

In addition to discussing the origins and uses of yoga nidra, we’ll cover:

  • the koshas (the energetic layers or sheaths that cover the Self)
  • sankalpa (intention)
  • the components of a yoga nidra script
  • exercises to help you speak authentically and to hold a safe space
  • chanting and pranayama as complementary practices

To conclude the workshop each day, Karen will lead a yoga nidra practice.

This class, in addition to self study and practice, will set you on your way toward being able to confidently incorporate yoga nidra into your classes, guiding a group or individual in the practice of yoga nidra.

Prerequisite: Please have experienced at least 3 sessions of yoga nidra, preferably live but cd or youtube/streaming versions are fine, before attending this workshop. Have a sense of whether there are aspects of the practice that attract or repel you.

Handouts will be given.

The main text we will use is Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, however, it is not necessary to purchase for this workshop