Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit word nyasa which means “to place” and the prefix vi- which means “in a special way.” Krama is Sanskrit for “steps” or “stages.” Thus, the term vinyasa krama means to place something – postures, breathing techniques, etc. – in a special way and in an intelligent progression that leads to a desired result.

This desired result can include attaining a specific posture, increasing digestion or decreasing constipation, promoting relaxation, even recovering from an injury. By learning to sequence practices correctly, you can create many different desired effects in the physical, mental, and subtle bodies.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to compose an intelligent sequence for a group of practitioners or an individual. We’ll discover how to safely create a well-balanced sequence, and how to weave postures together that put the body through a full range of motion suitable for any level of student. The workshop concludes with a physical practice, where we’ll examine the results of our constructed sequence.

The workshop includes large-group discussion, followed by physical practice. Please dress for movement; wearing layers is a good idea. This is an indispensable workshop for anyone currently teaching yoga, or those planning to teach in the future.