This monthly gathering will honor and nurture the sacred bond between women, which also creates a powerful avenue for personal growth and self-love. By connecting to a network of like-minded women, we allow ourselves to be supported, courageous, and open to new perspectives.

Each month will have a theme that will serve as a focal point for contemplation and self-inquiry.

September Theme: Sitting with Discomfort

Suffering is part of the human experience. Whether you’re dealing with chronic physical pain, a demanding relationship, or feeling lost and uninspired, life can be uncomfortable. When challenging physical or emotional experiences surface, it can be tempting to run in the opposite direction or ignore the reality of the situation. Ignorance is bliss! Or is it?

Yoga and meditation help you to be with your experiences fully, without judging or labeling them. This not only reduces anxiety and creates ease, but it also connects you to your ability to cultivate empathy and tenderness to yourself and others.

In this month’s Women’s Yoga Circle, you’ll practice sitting with your discomfort and experience the ease that comes with treating your suffering gently, with an open heart.

No experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing and a journal.

This workshop is intended for all levels of yoga practitioners – beginners and experienced yoginis are welcome.

Visit Katie’s website for more information about this month’s theme.