This 2-hour workshop is recommended for any student who would like to learn the basics of yoga that are not typically explained in detail as well as review commonly-used language often heard in a yoga class, for example: Why do we say om at the beginning of class and also chant shanti three times at the end of class? What does the name Tejas mean? What is appropriate etiquette in the yoga studio? When are props needed and how are they used?

In this workshop we will practice:

  • asana (postures)
  • pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • dharana/dhyana (concentration/meditation)

During the physical practice, the use of props will be demonstrated. Participants will also be guided through shavasana with a 61-point yoga nidra (conscious relaxation).

Ample time will be given for any burning questions that you’ve wanted to ask, and this is your opportunity to ask away!

This special workshop is for inquisitive students of all levels, whether a novice, just completed the Intro Series, or curious experienced practitioner.

On etiquette in a yoga studio, Tejas has produced 3 entertaining videos. Links are below. Enjoy!