In honor of the Winter Solstice Adam and Jessica are hosting a Yoga Mala. Yoga Mala is a practice when you offer a total of 108 Sun Salutations, or namaskar, in four rounds of 27. If you choose, take this opportunity to set some intentions (or sankalpas) for each round. Round one is for intentions for your own growth and transformation; round two is for friends, family, and folk with whom you have “unfinished business”; round three is for our world; and round for is for the Source, connection with the Divine, the relationship between the self and the Self.

Adam will lead us in some chanting beginning at 6:15, and after a few moments of savoring the collective vibration, we’ll start the first namaskar at about 6:30.

Plan to bring two bowls to place near your mat. Jess will provide you with 27 beans to use as counters. As you take a namaskar, you move one bean at a time from the full bowl to the empty bowl. We’ll do four rounds of 27 namaskars, totaling 108, so you’ll empty each bowl twice. If you don’t want to use beans, please plan ahead and bring 27 of whatever you want to use as a counter: coins, buttons, small shells.

Plan to modify your salute: this is not the time for jump-backs, or too many chaturangas! Cultivate a salutation that feels helpful and sustainable for your body. This practice is actually quite doable for many levels of practitioner, but remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

One approach is to use a slightly different salutation for each of the rounds of 27. The alteration in movement may help alleviate chronic tension that sometimes builds up from moving the body the same way so many times.

As a seva practice, we will each be making a donation to support the Chicago Women’s Health Center:

The CWHC provides compassionate, collaborative care to women and trans people in a respectful environment where people pay what they can afford. You can make your donation online and printed proof of your donation will be your admission ticket to the yoga mala. Or you can put some cash in the jar on the 15th and Jess will run it up to the CWHC herself. Any amount that is significant to you is significant to us. Thank you!

Donation link for CWHC:

If you’ve never done a yoga mala, it’s definitely a profound experience. A group dynamic has he potential to elevate the effect.

Cost: Donation